Testing Techniques from the Jurassic Resurrected

Sometimes when we have to test some new technology, we do not know where to start, since it seems to be mindboggling to grasp its implications. We are stupefied by the complications or baffled by the new technology. However, just because we do not know does not mean it is not known. Sometimes new technologies can be tested by reusing techniques that we –as a discipline- have forgotten.

In this presentation Bart Knaack will look at some new technologies, like IoT, selfdriving cars or blockchain for example and discuss how the technologies used in these are not as new as we might think and how looking back at the ways we did testing in ‘the old days’ can help us in understanding how we need to test the new technologies we are faced with nowadays.

Mostly the overall concepts are still the same, but the details are different and the application of the techniques have taken a different turn. For IoT the communication and its protocols are not new, but the medium that is used to communicate is different, yet it greatly resembles the way we used to do testing of GSM and CDMA in the old days.

Self driving cars resemble the fully automated straddle carriers we tested in the early 90’s and block chain…. Well lets save some surprise for the presentation itself!
IT systems and way we need to test them, are rarely so radically new that we really have to innovate the way we work. It is not so much that we do not know how to test, it is more that we have forgotten and we need to refresh our memory. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane!

  • Speaker


    Bart Knaack - Senior Test Advisor, Professional Testing, Netherlands

    Bart Knaack is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience. He has been organiser of multiple workshops and is always keen to try out anything new. He is motivated to learn and share and has a keen eye for change.