The Future is Codeless… Really?

Being an automation tester is like walking in no man’s land, you’re neither a programmer, nor a tester and then again, you’re a bit of both. You need to master both, good programming and testing, and be able to build up a good understanding of many different technologies. Mastery takes time, patience and getting over the fact that you’re not a master, well, at least not yet. But do you really need to be bothered with all this? On EuroStar 2017 one of the tool vendors argued for a “codeless future”. So, can you not just press a few buttons, put some building blocks together and voilá – there you have some automated tests and everyone is happy, right? Or are your tests just going to live a life of their own, never reviewed and certainly not maintained every time you’re gone for more than one week’s holiday?

We would like to talk about why becoming a tool expert is not enough in order to write some good automation tests. You must not settle for anything less than being a full-stack tester! But how to get there?

We found that code reviews are a great instrument for learning – it’s not a new thing, some programmers use it, but in our experience, and to our surprise, it is rarely used in the world of test automation, especially programmer to tester and vice versa.

We’re two senior consultants, and at the start of our journey, we had to eat our pride and accept that “je ne sais pas”. Once we got over it, we started learning. We would like to show you some of the comments on our first pull request (promise not to laugh) and to share with you that amazing feeling of finally receiving only one word in the comment: “Sådan!” (“Nailed It!” in Danish).

And what about the fellow developers, do they get something out of this, or are you just a nuisance? One of our developers will join us to tell you his side of the story.



Bojana Lund – Bojana Lund – EuroSTAR 2018 from EuroSTAR Conferences on Vimeo.

  • Speaker

  • Bojana Lund - Senior Test Consultant, Nine A/S, Denmark

    Bojana has been working with SW Development for over 10 years and has very broad experience with both SW development, CI, Test and Automation. She has a great passion for test and is currently working hard on establishing a profession group for Technical Testers across several Consultant Houses in Denmark. She strongly believes in continuous learning and creative solutions. She is a hard working mother of two energetic small boys and proud wife of a fellow Technical Tester.

  • Co-Speaker

    Ulrik Aarup Kruse and Anders Aaberg - Nine A/S Denmark

    Ulrik has been working with technical test and test automation since the last millenium. He has been working with both comercial, inhouse developed and open source test frameworks. He has experienced the disadvantages of not involving developers in review of his test code. Luckily, Ulrik has also tried the opposite and has grown as a technical tester because of it.

    Anders is a full-stack developer with experience within public sector . He primarily works within the open source Java ecosystem (Spring/Groovy/Grails) and web development / integration. Anders always tries to commit back to open source world everytime he can get away with it. Anders has experienced organisations where developers had to do all testing, organisations with dedicated testers for manual testing and organisations with dedicated testers for both manual and automated testing. His philosophy is the more cooperation between testers and developers, the better.