What works: Lessons from 20000 Testers

We spend almost all of our time working on making software better. We find bugs and improve flows, all with the goal of getting closer to awesome.

What happens when we turn this inquisitive and discerning frame of mind to the work of being a tester?

After years of working with tens of thousands of testers, and reviewing hundreds of thousands of bugs, I’ve learned to look at tester behavior at scale. By analyzing the work that our huge crowd of testers have done, I’ve come to some interesting conclusions. There are ways of working that separate the good testers from the truly exceptional ones. Sometimes the mindset and the habits are there from the start, sometimes they develop over time as testers gain experience working with software and development teams.

I’ve crystallized these down into a few areas that can help everyone, no matter how new or experienced she is in this business:

– Behaviors that make you a great tester
– The mindset to cultivate that makes your results most helpful for software teams
– What to focus on to make the biggest impact

It wouldn’t be a testing conference if these assertions weren’t well-documented and backed up by data. I dig deep into the archives to share real-life examples: what separates a good bug title from a great one, the subtle differences in a bug report quality, and tools that help along the way.

In this presentation, you’ll get the data-driven lessons of how to become better at what you do, what to look for when you’re hiring, and how to help your testing team grow and improve.

  • Speaker


    Jan Schwenzien - CTO & Co-Founder, test IO, Germany

    Jan Schwenzien is the co-founder and CTO of test IO, a Berlin-based startup that provides crowdtesting for web, mobile, and enterprise applications. test IO’s platform gives developers, quality assurance professionals, product managers, and marketers the power to leverage a crowd of thousands qualified software testers.

    Before founding test IO in 2011, Jan was a freelance web developer for international web companies like Rocket Internet and betterplace.org. As an evangelist for continuous testing he has spoken at events like German Testing Day, CloudDevCamp, Developer Week, and Agile Testing Day. At test IO, he is responsible for product and IT.