You have the Right to Remain Private! – Testing for Identity Privacy and Rights

Major change is just around the corner: from 25 May 2018 onwards, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be in full force in Europe. The goal of GDPR is to protect customer data held by companies and organisations. In practice, this will mean that individuals are being put back in control of their own data.

To become GDPR compliant, some of the measures include: Consent , Ability to withdraw (GDPR article 7); › Right of access (GDPR article 15); › Right of rectification (GDPR article 16); › Right to erasure (GDPR article 17); › Data retention period (GDPR article 5.1(e)); › Privacy by default (GDPR article 25); › Special categories of data, when applicable (GDPR article 9)

From a testing perspective, this means an “All hands on deck” approach. The levels of validations are beyond what a tester’s role can cover. Infrastructure, operations, deployment, security, functional & non-functional all need to align and commit delivering the expected level of confidence, through quality. Testing is everyone’s responsibility and testers are in the lead to light the way.

Testing strategies could work, but testing culture is the path that we’ve decided to take in iWelcome, an identity service company.

During this talk, Andrei will describe the testing culture and activities exercised in a joint effort to protect the privacy rights of every each individual;
He will talk about the boundaries and limits beyond where Selenium or API testing are no longer providing consistent business value.
How we managed to address the customer specific quality attributes by using Planguage methodology
How much test automation is there and how does it help us to achieve coverage
How do we build customer trust

  • Speaker


    Andrei Contan - Test Architect, iWelcome, Netherlands

    Passionate about the craft of testing, with over 13 years of experience in the industry as software tester. Currently I’m helping companies to build reliable and trustful testing practices that achieve confidence through information.
    Aside the testing as a profession, Andrei is doing his PhD studying the congruence of social sciences with software testing