Designing for Inclusiveness – Workshop on Accessibility

Tutorial D     Start Time : 09:00     End Time : 17:30

Talk Abstract:

Does your website or mobile app create an inclusive experience for people? Does your organization incorporate accessibility standards for all its products? Did you know that accessibility is a legal mandate and a fundamental expectation in many countries? If the answer is yes, this workshop is for you.

Designing for Inclusiveness workshop is designed for everyone interested in learning about accessibility and applying these learnings on websites and mobile apps. This workshop starts with an introduction to accessibility followed by core concepts and skills needed to solve day-to-day accessibility testing problems. Through this workshop, participants learn about accessibility testing, why it is needed and how it benefits a larger society using the right assistive technologies and accessibility testing tools. This is an experiential workshop driven by exercises and demos at every stage of the workshop. The workshop also includes how each role can contribute to Accessibility with focus on developers.

Key topics covered during this workshop include:
1. Introduction to Accessibility
2. Why is it important?
3. Types of Disabilities
4. Accessibility Standards
5. Accessibility Guidelines
6. Web vs. Mobile Accessibility
7. Accessibility Strategy for organizations
8. Assistive Technologies
9. Accessibility Cheat sheets
10. Exercises / Demos for all the topics

The main objective of the workshop is to make testers become efficient in solving accessibility problems for differently abled people using technology in varying capacities in their daily lives. The workshop includes helping the participants recognize problems, glorify their strengths, acknowledge their weaknesses and focus on problem solving for differently abled people in the technology world. This can be achieved by a combination of training, demos and hands-on testing exercises. This workshop will benefit not just those who are starting to test websites and mobile apps, but even those who want to learn.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand accessibility testing fundamentals and tools, with a focus on websites and mobile
  2. Adding human intelligence to accessibility test design, strategy and test coverage
  3. How to become inclusive and humane


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    • Speaker


      Parimala Hariprasad - Senior UX Architect / Senior Product Manager , Amadeus Software Labs, India

      Parimala Hariprasad is a Senior UX Architect / Senior Product Manager for Mobile Competency Center at Amadeus Software Labs, Bangalore. She spent her youth studying people and philosophy, and she applies her learnings to create delightful experiences for users. She is an aspiring UX Alchemist with great love for Product Management, UX Strategy, Interaction Design, Expert Reviews, Accessibility and User Tests. Parimala has experienced the transition from web to mobile and emphasizes the need for Design Thinking while creating great products. Over last few years, she has had the opportunity to join fantastic international line-ups of speakers at CAST 2014, STAREAST 2015, STARWEST 2015, Tech Summit 2015, UX Day 2016, We Test 2016, Oredev 2017, Test Bash 2018 and UX Day 2018. Gleaning from her experiences at Oracle, McAfee, Moolya, Amadeus and Scores of Startups, she frequently rants about Mobile UX on her blog ( You can read about her speaking adventures at You can follow Parimala on twitter (@PariHariprasad), or LinkedIn (

    • Co-Speaker

      Jyothi Rangaiah - Independent Consultant India

      Jyothi Rangaiah is a Justice Activist, working for and leading teams towards better test practices. A challenge seeker and a risk assessor with passion in testing open source mobile and web applications, she is also the Chief Editor of Women Testers online e-magazine ( She is also a mentor at Speak Easy ( She has presented talks and workshops at many international testing conferences across the world like European Testing Conference, Agile Testing Days, Agile India, Belgrade Testing Conference, Copenhagen Context, EuroSTAR, STAREAST, STARWEST etc. She has published her articles in many online testing e-magazines and featured in Testing Circus and Teatime with Testers. A tester who encourages growth of testing skills such as analytical and critical thinking, Jyothi has been an influential test evangelist in her line of work with her own blog at You can follow Jyothi on twitter (@Aarjay).

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