Diversity Strikes

Keynote Stage     Start Time : 09:00     End Time : 09:30

5 Speakers – 4 Minutes Each

Welcome to Diversity Strikes… a new way for us to be proactive about inclusion and diversity at EuroSTAR. We want to hear your views about diversity and inclusion: your experiences, your challenges and most of all your solutions and ideas for helping inclusion and diversity in the industry.

This is Your Chance to Speak on Stage

Instead of asking for speakers in the call for submissions earlier in the year on-line, we decided to open this call for speakers to people attending the conference; we invite anyone & everyone with a good message to share, to propose themselves as a speaker. If you have a message for the conference, you simply go to the Huddle area before end of lunch Wednesday 13 Nov, and fill out an application postcard.

All we need is your name, contact info and the pitch for your basic idea or message. Fill in this postcard, pop it in the diversity strikes box, and the Programme Committee will review the postcards and choose the Diversity Strikes speakers on Wednesday afternoon. We’ll aim to contact all confirmed speakers by 5pm on Wednesday.

If chosen, you’ll speak without slides, but using your notes, for up to 4 minutes. Think carefully about what’s the most important message you want the conference attendees to hear. There will be a brief rehearsal at 8am on Thursday.

Selecting the Speakers

We’ve chosen this way of selecting the Diversity Strikes speakers so as to remove as many barriers as possible and encourage a diverse and inclusive application process: all anyone needs to be considered, is an idea, a pen and some paper, and to get themselves over to the Huddle before end of lunch Wednesday 13 Nov.  We hope that we will find new voices, and that this simple approach will encourage others to participate.

Come along and chat to Chris in the Huddle or any of the Programme Committee members throughout the conference if you need encouragement or help of any kind…
In addition to our Diversity Strikes lightning talks we also have a Diversity & Inclusion Workshop on Thursday afternoon.


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