Do-Over Talk 1 as Voted by the Delegates

Th9     Start Time : 14:15     End Time : 15:00

Talk Details:

Each year, the EuroSTAR Conference is jam-packed with amazing sessions.

There are so many that, inevitably, there will be some great talks that you will have to miss. But don’t worry, we have two ‘Do-Over Sessions’ where the delegates vote on which two track talks they’d like to have repeated.

The two most popular track talks will then be presented for a second time on Thursday afternoon, so you have an opportunity to catch these excellent talks before you leave!

The Do-Over Talks are selected from YOUR feedback so please make sure you rate your sessions on the conference app.

  • Which session did you really like?
  • Which session do you feel everyone would benefit from?

Our Do-Over Talks will be announced at the final keynote on Thursday and Do Over Winner 1 will take place at 14:15 with Do Over Winner 2 at 15:15.

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