How to Become as Agile as your Project

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Talk Abstract:

What happens when your working method and processes are turned upside down? A few years into my career, I was the test manager for a new project labeled as “extremely agile”. What I learned early on was that the way to develop a project from start to finish had changed.

The project used a new process called “Conceptual Development”, a design-driven, lean development process. “Conceptual Development” focuses on customer collaboration and pushing through frequent deliveries from concept through design all the way to development. With a more traditional agile process, requirements would have first been planned and developed, before being tested near the end of a delivery. Now we tested concepts and prototypes first, and every prototype and design was its own delivery. This new process opened up new possibilities of testing since everything was testable from the get-go.

With “Conceptual Development” it is important to fail quickly and test with actual users before a single line of code is written. This new way of lean startup created new challenges for our team. Everyone needed to implement “Design Thinking” in their work. So how did we approach this new way of working as a team? Did we learn new skills and techniques, or just adapt those we had in a new environment? And what were the results?

Maybe more importantly, what did we learn?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Fail fast, learn faster
  2. Become interdisciplinary and adapt as an individual and as a team
  3. Implement design thinking with concept development in every aspect of software development


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      Maud Lundh - Test Analyst , Sopra Steria, Norway

      Maud Veronica Lundh works in the test department in Sopra Steria Norway and has a master’s degree in Universal Design of ICT. Maud has been a part of several small to large-scale, complex software development projects as a tester, test manager, UX-adviser and now as a functional architect. She also holds courses in ISTQB foundation and Universal design. With her background from UX, she focuses her work on combining skills and roles to create interdisciplinary test teams and finding new ways to do QA.

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