Immanuel Kant and the Deep Rationality of Software Testing

T2     Start Time : 15:15     End Time : 16:00

Talk Abstract:

Immanuel Kant, one of the greatest in European philosophy has a reputation for being pedantic and difficult. But most of us intuitively get what he says: That interacting with things always involves the complexity of experiencing and learning.

Kant’s philosophy supports the thinking, imagining, and rational tester to collaboratively engaging the team to educate people who matter on things that matter. The outcome we search for is driving collaboration and development in the organization.

After the talk, we’ll be able to say “transcendental knowledge” and understand what it means; we’ll understand the basics of Kant’s philosophy; we’ll know why intuitions sometimes matter more than facts when people collaborate about experiencing and learning; finally, we’ll see the power of narratives as the rational way to express what’s real and what’s not and helping stakeholders gain trust and good gut feeling about the system.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Avoid the trap of thinking everything we believe is real and true
  2. Avoid the trap of being skeptical about everything and anything
  3. Understand the basics of Kant’s philosophy and help people collaborate on learning.


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    Anders Dinsen - Consulting Test Manager; Founder, ASYM APS, Denmark

    Anders Dinsen is a consulting test manager and tester in agile, waterfall, and hybrid contexts in Copenhagen. Anders is Danish, philosophically minded, educated, and enjoys the short power-distances part of Danish organizational culture as it enables him to create testing events which will teach people with power to make better decisions. He is an experienced thinker and facilitator of philosophical dialogue about values and testing-meetup organizer. He is also the father of four sons aged 14-22, married to Marianne on their 25th year with whom he recently renovated their kitchen. In his spare time, he chairs the board of the local volunteers in the danish association for people with adhd.