Lighting Strikes

Keynote Stage     Start Time : 17:15     End Time : 17:45

Finish day two at EuroSTARConf 2019 with our high energy ‘Lightning Strikes’ session.

Five speakers each have 4 minutes and just two slides to present on their chosen topic. If they don’t finish on time lightning will strike and they must vacate the stage!

Join us in the main auditorium and enjoy this engaging series of super short talks from:

  • Kristoffer Nordstrom, Northern Test Consulting, Sweden
  • Iris Pinkster – O’Riordain, Professional Testing, Netherlands
  • Rob Lambert, Cultivated Management, UK
  • Mais Tawfik Ashkar, PerfNG LLC, USA
  • Gáspár Nagy, Spec Solutions, Hungary

Who will convey their points clearly and quickly? Who will be struck by lightning? Ignite your afternoon with this electrifying lightning strikes session – a firm favourite at EuroSTAR.

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