Rising Star Winner – Reporting on: Beastly Blockchain Bugs

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The RisingSTAR:

The EuroSTAR RisingSTAR Award is designed to stimulate innovation in the software testing and quality assurance industry. It was created to encourage the development of new ideas, support the growth of the community through mentorship and bring new innovators to the fore. The 2018 RisingSTAR winner was Sanne Visser for her idea ‘To adapt and/or develop a testing framework for Blockchain-based applications to positively shape the adoption and development of blockchain technology‘. As part of her incredible prize Sanne will be presenting her idea and all of the work completed on the project since winning the RisingSTAR Award 2018. To see more details on the 2019 RisingSTAR Award see our EuroSTAR Huddle Site.

Talk Abstract:

Based on my Blockchain Testing Community’s analyses of blockchain bugs, I will present some of the best blockchain disaster stories. Millions of dollars were lost, entire blockchain networks shut down and other severe consequences. What are some of the most common bugs in smart contracts? Which lessons can we learn from these examples as testers and developers in the blockchain space?

The talk will briefly explain blockchain and smart contracts, particularly how assets within these are managed. Next, I will talk about some of the most famous bugs and demonstrate where they were vulnerable, which ingenious exploits were used. I will explain how the bug stories are helping the blockchain testing community build best practices by developing our bug taxonomy for blockchain testers and developers alike.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How the Meetup group “Blockchain Testing Community” is helping blockchain development
  2. How I used the sponsors support from the Rising Star Award.
  3. How to start building a bug taxonomy to promote blockchain development best practices.

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  • Speaker

  • Sanne Visser


    Sanne Visser - Blockchain Expert - Managing Consultant, RisingSTAR Winner 2018, Netherlands

    Winner of the EuroSTAR RisingSTAR Award 2018 – Chairperson for the Meetup “Blockchain Testing Community” in the Netherlands and passionate software tester. Working as Blockchain tester at Capgemini. Sanne is passionate about quality, developing best practices for blockchain that traditional software development doesn’t have answers for yet.