Storytelling for Testers a Crash Course

W5     Start Time : 10:15     End Time : 11:00

Talk Abstract:

Telling stories is as old as mankind.
And it’s still a very powerful means to convey ideas, visions and thoughts

Why is one storyteller more effective than another?
And can you learn to tell stories more effectively?
You can indeed!

We’ll start this crash course with a short introduction into storytelling. Then we’ll do a number of exercises to get acquainted with the storytelling basics.
Questions like: How to set up a good story? How to enthrall an audience? and How to create a powerful story for an audience with a varied background? will be covered in this high-speed-talk.

In the course of this talk we’ll work on your storytelling skills in easy, yet proven in practice, exercises.
It’s not only educational, it’s great fun too!

At the end of the talk, you’ll have gained a bit more knowledge about storytelling and you’ll have practiced several storytelling aspects.
You’ll have been introduced to a skill that has always been important for our profession, and which has become an absolute must for every test professional with the growing team focus of our work!

Join this talk, and step into the magic of storytelling.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Everyone can make their message come across
  2. Yes, you too!
  3. And that’s not hard, but even fun to do!


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  • Speaker

  • René Tuinhout - Test Department Manager, RDW, Netherlands

    René Tuinhout is a senior test advisor and coach with 20+ years’ experience in software testing. He’s (co-)author of several articles on testing and the TestFrame book, creator of the B3VA testing technique, and he tutors several courses in Software Testing. René is a frequent speaker and has presented his ideas at many (inter)national conferences on testing (e.g. Dutch TestNet meetings, Nordic Testing Days, Eurostar, RTC). In his spare time René is an improvisational theatre trainer, which enriches his presentations with energy an humour.