The Forest and the Trees: Quality Coaching in [email protected]

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Talk Abstract:

A lot of companies are using the concepts from the “Spotify” Tribe/Squad model for their product teams. They also often use one of the Agile scaling frameworks to help scale agile with the multiple tribes. Hudl uses the the Spotify Tribe/Squad model for our product team and [email protected] as our Agile Scaling Framework. [email protected] has formal roles for an agile coach and scaled scrum masters and Product Owners but none for a “Quality Coach”.

A coach is instrumental in helping individuals and teams improve – the worlds top athletes and teams need coaches – we saw a lack of a clearly defined role for a Quality Coach as a gap in the model and at Hudl we have started on a journey to close this gap and establish a role for a “Quality Coach” for each Tribe. While the Quality coach is not a member of a squad, s/he is key to understanding the complete picture from concept to production and also understand customer experience and feedback and using that to help improve the focus and coverage for Quality. S/he can connect the dots between the teams/squads and help coach a culture of prevention for the teams and also incorporate practices to enable early detection of issues. The Quality Coach will help get the buy in for measures that provide a holistic snapshot of quality and coach the teams to make changes to measurably improve quality and flow.

Our first Quality Coach has only been in this role for a couple months but we are already seeing great results from having this role. This talk will focus on our experience at Hudl at proposing, defining and implementing the role of a Quality Coach in the spotify tribe/squad model – and also the challenges and successes for the outcomes we had envisioned.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Coaching is key to improvement – formally defining and implementing a coaching role for Quality will help your teams improve Quality.
  2. Inspect and Adapt is a key Agile tenet – and needs to be applied for scaling agile frameworks implemented at each company.
  3. Perfection is not attainable but if teams chase perfection they can achieve excellence. Teams need to be coached to build a mindset to improve on a daily basis.

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    • Speaker

    • Ashwin Desai - Hudl, VP Quality, United States

      As the VP of Quality at Hudl, Ashwin Desai is responsible for leading the transformation of a worldwide QA team to an organization with a focus on Building Quality In, automating based on the principles of the test pyramid and establishing quantitative measurements to allow Hudl to learn and improve quality. Previously Ashwin was the VP of Engineering, Quality and DevOps at ikaSystems where he led a large transformation to agile and continuous delivery across the organization. Prior to that Ashwin worked as the Principal Quality Architect at IBM and provided leadership for the agile transformation of the Engineering team and was responsible for developing an overall testing approach and a continuous deployment pipeline for an omnichannel eCommerce platform.