Unboring Test Management

Tutorial F     Start Time : 09:00     End Time : 17:30

Talk Abstract:

In recent years Test Management diminished to something you don’t want to do. The main instigator for this change is the rise of Agile and DevOps, due to which management thinks that Test Management is not required. It can also be the ‘old-school’ impression that Project Managers can do Test Management. In any case, it is the speakers belief that Test Management tasks are still required to successfully finish projects when successful means: it solved a problem. Let’s not forget: not all projects are Agile or Devops or ever will be, and not all project managers have the time or knowledge to do test management tasks.

In this tutorial we will look at traditional Test Management tasks and see how they relate to different contexts. The ”unboring” part? Topics will be explained that give Test Management the extra sparkle and make it less “boring”. They will show that you have a lot more influence than you might think!

We will follow various viewpoints:

  • Our purpose: Test Management and how to make IT work.
  • Our practices: besides traditional activities like Risk Based Thinking, Test Strategy & Test Approach, we will look at Lean principles & Stakeholder Management and how they can be applied to Test Management.
  • Our people: topics like Leadership, Critical Thinking, Negotiating/Lobbying & Conflict Handling are explored. This can help to build better teams and have more influence on our surroundings.
  • Our challenges: the ever changing context, the politics in an organisation & the increasing level of automation will have to make us alert and need continuous adapting.

All topics will be placed in the context of Test Management by using real-life experiences from the speakers. Exercises and discussions will be used to help understand the topics. After this tutorial the attendees will go home with some less known Test Management topics and can add them to the standard Test Management knowledge & capabilities that they have. It will help them to make Test Management work.

Key Takeaways: 

  1. No textbook story, but learning from experience.
  2. Learning what extra Test Management topics can be used to make your role as a Test Manager more complete and successful .
  3. Do’s & Don’ts that can immediately be applied in the organization of the delegates.


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  • Speaker

  • Iris Pinkster - O'Riordain - Test Manager / Test Advisor, Professional Testing BV, Netherlands

    Iris Pinkster – O’Riordain is test advisor at Professional Testing and has experience in testing and test management since 1996. She co-developed Logica’s method for structured testing, named TestFrame ®, along with their test management approach. She is co-developer of TestGrip, the method on test policy and test organization. Irish is also a writer, and  co-authored several books published on these topics. She often speaks at both national and international conferences. In 2007 she won the EuroSTAR award for “Best Tutorial”. In 2017 she was Program Chair for EuroSTAR.

  • Co-Speaker

    Bob van de Burgt - Test Advisor - Professional Testing BV Netherlands

    Bob van de Burgt is test advisor at Professional Testing bv. He contributed to the development of the testing method TestFrame® and the test management approach of Logica for which he also was co-author of the published books. Bob has given many testing courses (including ISTQB) and is a frequent speaker at (inter)national congresses. He was member of the board of the Dutch SIGIST TestNet for 10 years of which 6 year as chairman. Bob was Programme Chair of EuroSTAR 2008 in The Hague and won the European Testing Excellence Award in 2012. Since 2018 Bob is active as local chapter manager for the TMMi Foundation.