When SciFi Becomes Reality: Deep Learning & IoT Testing

Th5     Start Time : 11:00     End Time : 11:45

Talk Abstract:

In 1961, Stanislaw Lem, the author of science-fiction novels, raised an interesting problem in one of his books – when the number of computers in the world exceeds the ability of people to control them, the correctness of their operation will have to be verified also by machines: computers will test computers.

Almost 60 years later, the phenomenon of the Internet of Things makes us, people, surrounded by computers: clouds of small machines hidden in clothes, everyday objects, buildings…. How to effectively test such complex systems? Mr. Lem’s idea comes in handy: let’s get other computers to work: we can use artificial intelligence – because it’s no longer a science-fiction!

In my speech, I would like to present in a simple and funny way the idea of applying deep learning in the process of testing complex IoT systems. I want to explain a general idea and then I will show solutions and tools that allow for effective testing of the Internet of Things, like TensorFlow – an open source library available for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  1. We can effectively test Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence solutions, such as deep learning.
  2. Deep learning tools and libraries are generally available for commercial purposes and easy to use.
  3. It is not a science fiction – we can use deep learning to test Internet of Things just on the next day after the talk.


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    • Speaker

    • Jaroslaw Hryszko - Artificial Intelligence Specialist, IoT working group member, Polish Testing Board, Poland

      Jarek is a leader of research and development projects in the area of artificial intelligence and quality assurance as well as being experienced trainer. He is well known to software testing community in Poland, being nominated as one of the ten “People of Testing” for year 2018. His research interests revolve around applied artificial intelligence, especially for quality assurance purposes. Jarek received master degree and has strong background in management, including commanding of military units. He also studied cybernetics, electronic engineering and nuclear energetics.

      Jarek is an author and co-author of series of books, publications and presentations concerning nuclear and computer systems safety, artificial intelligence and quality assurance in computer science, including “Software Testing in Practice”, “Requirements Engineering in Practice”, “Software Engineering: Challenges and Solutions” and “Software Engineering: Improving Practice through Research”.

      Since 2012, as a part of his PhD studies, he conducts research on artificial intelligence for quality assurance in IT systems. He is a well-known conference speaker, presenting on over 20 scientific and professional conferences, including TestCon in Moscow and STF in Milan.

      Jarek holds the following certificates:

      PMI Project Management Professional,
      ISTQB Foundation Level,
      ISTQB Advanced Level – Test Manager
      ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
      Professional SCRUM Master I

      Before joining 4IT.Team, he held a position of global artificial intelligence technology specialist in one of the world’s leading automotive companies, working as an advisor for top executive management. Also he led of global implementation of artificial intelligence-driven software quality assurance methodology and supporting it centralized, automated tools.

      He is an advisor to Polish Testing Board and a member of Internet of Things working group created by Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs.

      Jarek likes to travel by hiking, climbing, sailing, kayaking and riding a motorbike.