Working Well with Vulcans How Technology Solved the Social Problem of BDD

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Talk Abstract:

Live long and prosper – is the Vulcan Salute and its role must not be underestimated within software development. But why? And what does this phrase have to do with working well within a large scale project in an IT company like DATEV eG by test automation?

Well, there is a long and a short answer: The short one is, leaving the classical waterfall method and becoming agile means reducing your test cycles, if you want to live long and prosper. The way to have a well working, long living and prospering test infrastructure is BDD. The long answer is more complicated, as the reality of company life comes into play: As a professional quality engineer with some years of expertise, I have rarely experienced BDD working well, especially with Cucumber. Reasons for this are various and most of them are social in nature, but mainly because popular approaches to BDD like e.g. Cucumber have a clear weakness on how to properly spread the work of the Three Amigos on one test base. So how can a Product Owner ideally working in Gherkin, a Test Engineer working on the technology facing step definitions and finally the developers working deeper on the codebases synchronize their work to fulfill BDD within only a two weeks sprint?

As an answer Kassenarchiv online at DATEV eG uses the Spock Framework, which is a monolithic BDD-framework without the problem of level-spreading found in Cucumber. So what did we do? Based on our agile transformation, we developed a Java-based test engine using the key features of the monolithic Spock Framework, namely its parameterizability to enable software test automation within minutes to improve the way our team worked together as an agile unit.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Being able to apply a Spock based Java test engineer for behavior-driven development
  2. Using a recipe for a development process as best practice in an own project
  3. Overcoming challenges caused by Cucumber-driven development in an agile project


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    • Speaker

    • Johannes Gottschalk - Test Engineer functioning as QALead , DATEV eG, Germany

      Johannes Gottschalk has a Master’s degree in Human-Centered Informatics. In addition he has an industrial degree as software developer. Currently he is doing his PhD in ICT and development cooperation as a distant student at Aalborg University in Denmark. He has been working as professional software test engineer since 2015. For DATEV eG, he is acting as QSLead for an agile project called Kassenarchiv online, where he has the Chance to use his interdisciplinary knowledge at the interface of agile coaching from a QA perspective and Test Automation.

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