Case Study of Bug Hunting: A Wild MissingNo Appeared!

Th1     Start Time : 10:30     End Time : 11:00

“There is no MissingNo.” The year was 1999, and I had called the support hotline for the Pokémon game, and this was the first thing I heard. Turns out, they were lying.

MissingNo was/is a Pokémon. A glitch, a bug, an obscure, unwanted and sometimes harmful freak that found its way into kid’s hands all over the globe. Rumour had it that this bug could randomly make or break your game completely. Needless to say: every kid tried to catch the ‘non-existent’ Pokémon number 151 to 256.

This talk is not about Pokémon. You don’t have to know anything about it. It is about a real life case that documents where real bugs live.

We’ll deep dive into the inner workings of the system, find out what made this bug possible and how it made its way to the surface. We want to explore this case and similar cases to understand about the nature of bugs, and the lessons that can be learned from them. Find out how good testers could have found and prevented these bugs through exploration and automation.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Gain deep insight into the inner workings (and failings) of a relatively easy program
  2. Find out how different systems work together in sometimes obscure ways
  3. Find out how a tester can help mitigate these vulnerabilities.


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  • Speaker


    Beren Van Daele - Owner, Isle of IT, Belgium

    I lead a company: Together, with like-minded people who value communication and transparency above all else. We wish to grow a company that enables people to be themselves. Experts to the outside, a fellowship on the inside. Each member has the freedom to pursue their own merit, whatever that looks like, while also bearing a responsibility to the continuation and growth of the company. With full transparency, we aim to facilitate communication between members to find a balance that makes sense for themselves.

    I am a consultant: I am a freelance consultant who shapes software delivery teams to improve on their work and their understanding of quality. Sometimes Software Tester, sometimes Product Owner, I travel around, meeting software crafters all across Europe to learn from and teach. I create things: TestSphere, a testing card game that inspires and supports knowledge sharing; RiskStorming, a workshop that focuses the team on quality and risks. I run a conference & meetup: BREWT is a place where software testing experts & peers share knowledge and learn from one another. Want to know more? Isle of Testing, BREWTconf, Testsphere

  • Co-Speaker

    Andreas Faes - Delaware BeLux Belgium

    Andreas is an experienced test automation engineer with a broad knowledge base acquired during several higher studies and different projects (in different roles). Broad interest, with a focus on open source technologies, and web technology. Experience with different testing environments and test tools, both commercial (HP Quality Center, HP QuickTest Professional, etc.) and open source (Selenium, FitNesse, etc.). Also experience in performance testing. Experienced trainer and presenter (EuroSTAR, Belgium Testing Days, Tasting Let’s Test, etc.). Specialties: Test automation (Selenium WebDriver, QTP, service testing, performance testing) – Test Strategy – Training and coaching lT.

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