If You Pay Peanuts You Get Monkeys: How To Pitch Testing Properly

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In this new age of DevOps and agile, testing should be a cornerstone of the modern way of building applications. However, most of us still feel that we are treated like second-hand citizens. One of the root causes of this is that we as testers are not good salespeople; we are bad at pitching why testing is important and what value it delivers.

In this session, I’m going to give you some techniques and examples that will help you in understanding how to turn this around. One of these is based on Simon Sinek’s golden circle and how this relates to pitching testing better. Another one is how to adapt your message so you can appeal to your target’s rational, emotional or gut feelings. The aim of the session is to get you thinking about the way you currently pitch testing in your company and how this can be improved.

A few warning do apply to this session. Some people might call some of these techniques manipulation; I like to refer to them as influencing. Most of the techniques shown can and should be practiced at home on your own family.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Focus more on “why” we do testing instead of “how” we do it.
  2. Pitching (selling) testing is not a bad thing if done properly!
  3. How to communicate the value that testing delivers.


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    Bjorn Boisschot - Solution Architect, CTG, Belgium

    Bjorn is an IT professional with more than 15 years’ experience in quality assurance and how this fits into the software development cycle. He started as a test automation engineer and quickly was bitten by the question of how test automation can deliver the most value. This has led him on a road to discover the links between development best practices and how QA can leverage these. I have contributed a chapter to ‘Experiences of Test Automation” (book by Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster). One of the things I love most is to be on stage (at customers or conferences) and talk about my experiences. I have done this at several testing related congresses such as Eurostar, TestCon Moscow, SQA Days Warshaw, ExpoQA, Begian Testing Days, Microfocus Discover, Experience Day and many internal CTG events. My session at EuroSTAR 2019 was rated as the second best presentation at the conference.

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