Mapping the Tricky Cognitive Biases

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There is a bush of over 100 classified known human cognitive biases. We are facing them every day in our “jungles” at work, and after work. As an MSc. in Cognitive Science and a tester I’m looking at people’s interactions in wide perspective, and from a scientific angle. As testers we are often translators, the man-in-the-middle, the middleware between the business side and the technical side.

In order to be a really good fit into that role you need a strong awareness of how to communicate in a neurodiverse environment of people – with their various professional and personal experiences influencing their deeds and decisions in software projects. The knowledge and awareness of cognitive biases can strongly support you in being a good communicator and tester.

In this talk, I will:

  • share the knowledge about a few of the biases (mainly up to classification from Kahneman-Tversky) I have met in my experience (biases such as the status quo effect, IKEA effect, normalcy bias, among others)
  • share real life situational examples from my work and how to unmask them
  • share the ways to prevent yourself from following these biases when possible

Key Takeaways:

  1. Knowledge what cognitive biases are, and examples of them.
  2. How to spot and deal with biases in yourself and in the team.
  3. What influences biases, and how to defend yourself from them as much as possible.


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    Aleksandra Kornecka - Quality Assurance Engineer, OLX Group, Poland

    Software Quality Assurance Engineer and certified tester with over 6 years experience in IT industry (mainly web, mobile). Passionate about quality process, UX and IA. Master of Science in Cognitive Science who keeps in touch with university by providing workshops and career consulting. Non-profit activist, international conferences and meetups speaker, social media ninja, athlete and sprinter. Doing sprints at work and after work :)

    Techie who loves people and enjoys the events from tech and startups areas. Proud leader and co-founder of Girls Who Test non-profit group helping the people to get into software QA world by organizing various events and mentoring. For more, please see:

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