Scrum and Kanban – Addressing Real Life Agile Testing Challenges

Tutorial A     Start Time : 09:30     End Time : 13:00

Are you using Scrum or Kanban or a hybrid of both? Do you have challenges with test and quality in these contexts? If so, then this tutorial is for you.

In an ideal world your implementation of Scrum or Lean/Kanban would deliver on all the promises and indeed, by combining them greater gains would be achieved. In the real world, implementation problems abound. Test and quality challenges are commonly highlighted in wide ranging Industry surveys and world reports. On the ground, these are echoed in individual team experiences reported informally at meetups, seminar discussions, case studies and social media discussions.

This tutorial will provide insights into key implementation challenges impacting quality and test when these frameworks are used individually or in combination with each other. Test and Quality related topics initially introduced will include common challenges experienced with

  • Team Culture, team competencies and Dev-QA integration
  • User stories and Backlog Refinement,
  • Visualising and integrating testing into the workstream
  • Test automation approaches and balance with exploratory testing
  • Testing strategy variations with Sprints and Flow-based approaches
  • Strategies and forecasting/estimation approaches to avoid the testing squeeze
  • Incorporating testing into agile scaling frameworks


However, a significant element of this tutorial will be the opportunity for participants to identify their own test and quality challenges.
From this overall set of challenges, participants will vote to prioritise those that are most relevant to their contexts. The priority items will receive deeper treatment and provide a focus for team exercises and interactive group discussion. Selected challenges will be tackled in team exercises for example using problem solving techniques to propose practical solutions. These will be shared and discussed as a group.

At the end of the tutorial, participants will be provided with a suggested list of ideas/tips and experiments to try to help address the common challenges initially introduced by the presenter

In addition, the following will be made available to participants subsequent to the tutorial:

  • The list of the additional challenges raised by participants
  • The priority order from the overall list of challenges voted by participants
  • The key points identified and discussed by participants in team exercises and group discussions to help alleviate/solve these issues.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Deeper insights into implementation challenges impacting quality and test when Scrum and Kanban are used individually or in combination with each other
  2. Suggested practical solutions to the real world issues being encountered now and as your team and organisation evolves.
  3. New ideas to enhance your effectiveness in agile testing


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  • Speaker

  • Fran O'Hara


    Fran O'Hara - Director, Inspire Quality Services, Ireland

    Fran has over 35 years’ experience in the software industry working in various roles in development, test, management and professional consulting. He co-founded and successfully grew a software testing services organisation which was ultimately acquired by Sogeti/Capgemini. For the last 15 years he has been providing independent coaching, training and mentoring in Agile and Lean to a wide range of organisations. He has a particular focus on quality, testing and associated practices.

    Fran is an international speaker, a co-organiser of Agile Tour Ireland and a co-founder of the Irish SIG in Software Testing – SoftTest. His tutorial, ‘Metamorphosis – Moving to Agile and Staying Agile’, was voted best tutorial at EuroSTAR 2016 in Stockholm.

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