Taming DevOps

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When I started at Jayway, I went from a waterfall mindset into working with DevOps. It was like going into the jungle, down the rapids – without a paddle! That’s how DevOps felt to me. What was it, what did it mean? The tester role isn’t even mentioned, what was I supposed to be doing? I felt like a baby panda raised in a zoo and then dropped into the jungle. It was all so alien and outside my comfort zone. This baby panda had to be as brave as a lion and as agile as a mountain goat to be able to face the challenges head-on. Much like being dropped in a jungle, where you’d turn to explore; I did the same thing in DevOps, I turned to exploratory testing – with great success.

One major difference is that when working with the waterfall model, much like the zoo, your team/pack is the same kind as you; a team of testers. It’s safe and comfortable. In DevOps all of a sudden you’re the only one of your kind. This was a big change for me. In the DevOps way of working, the pack is different types of people with different strengths. I found that I became a coach for the rest of the team on how to work with quality as a team. It is in everyone’s interest to work together to achieve a good quality product. No one wants that phone call in the middle of the night that wakes you in a panic and cold sweat!

This talk is my story about learning to master the tangled jungle of DevOps in the role of a Quality Catalyst.

Key Takeaways:

  1. A practical example of how to work in DevOps
  2. How to face the challenge of going from waterfall to DevOps
  3. How to coach your DevOps team members on test and quality


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  • Hanna Dernbrant


    Hanna Dernbrant - Quality Catalyst, Jayway, Sweden

    Hanna Dernbrant is a Quality Catalyst at Jayway by Devoteam. In her current job, she works in the retail industry with a DevOps project built with Microservices. Hanna started her testing career by getting some training in testing at her first job after university, it was love at first sight! Throughout her 8 years in testing, she has worked in multiple fields such as MedTech and Telecom and in a lot of different stages of testing. Being a very curious person Hanna loves the ever-changing world of testing. When she’s not working you’ll most likely find her outside walking her dog or binge-watching some old tv-series.

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