Testing in the Wild at 130km/h

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Imagine that your test data is driving 130km/h on the freeway, entering your country by boat or passing the boarder by truck, or parked on a road or in a parking lot.

Who said anything about masked test data, GDPR and test automation?

Nina and the testers had a somewhat different challenge in 2015, when the citizens of Denmark were discussing privacy and surveillance and didn’t want cameras everywhere to spy on them for no reason.

This is a story about thinking outside the box: why a standard system needs thorough testing, how you get a cop to write test cases – standing next to the freeway with a 4½ meter selfie stick – and testing in the Danish weather conditions.

It is also a story about analyzing film, pictures and spreadsheets, and about defect handling with a Canadian supplier. Not to mention puddles, hedges, motorcycle rally on the harbour and vandals.

How do you test that?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Test data is not always digital
  2. Standard systems are NOT something you DON’T test
  3. Thinking outside the box makes testing more fun and covers the test better


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  • Speaker

  • Nina Aabech - Head of Test, Danish National Police, Denmark

    Nina Aabech, Test manager with the Danish National Police for 10 years, now Head of Test.
    I have managed test in many different projects, including projects regarding fingerprints (in corporation with EU countries), DNA (in corporation with FBI), ANPR (automated number plate recognition) and intel (a tool for analyzing data regarding investigation and pattern analysis).

  • Co-Speaker

    Charlotte Mortensen - Danish National Police Denmark

    Charlotte Mortensen, is a former administrative coworker in different police districts in Denmark for 17 years.
    Now she is a tester and has been with the Danish National Police for 13 years.
    She has testet many different projects including apps, EU projects, ANPR and intel.

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