The Insect Kingdom: Why Bug Classifications Matter

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This talk is the story about my creation of a blockchain bug taxonomy.

Scientists familiar with insects realize the difficulty in attempting to find and classify individual types and numbers of insects in new biospheres. Similarly, software testers dealing with new technology struggle to predict the types and number of bugs in new applications. When dealing with a new biosphere to explore, one of the main tools scientists rely on is their (insect)taxonomy. The classification of previously discovered insects into their families, genera and species. They use this model to identify known species and register possible new discoveries.

When I started testing applications in a new technology called blockchain, I needed better tools. Like the scientists, I was dealing with a new biosphere. I felt the need for a blockchain bug taxonomy. There wasn’t one, so I made one.

I studied existing testing taxonomies such as Beizer and Vinter’s ‘Bug Taxonomy and Statistics’ and Kaner’s ‘Common Software Errors’ as well as a few more. Then I started building a taxonomy for common errors in blockchain applications. Next, I tested the model, by using it to test blockchain applications and improving the classification categories and subcategories.

This talk is about

  • Creating a taxonomy
  • How to develop test materials for new technologies such as blockchain, but I believe is also useful for robots, chatbots, IoT, etc.
  • Sharing the blockchain bug taxonomy with the test community.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Testing taxonomies: What are they they, and how to use them.
  2. Building your own taxonomy
  3. Showcasing the blockchain bug taxonomy, how it works and how to use it.


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    Sanne Visser - Test Manager, Capgemini, Netherlands

    Passionate tester, sharing experience with test communities, helping others to learn new things and keep up with technology trends, winner of EuroSTAR Rising STAR award in 2018 for my efforts to expand awareness of blockchain and testing. Founder and chairperson for the Meetup “Blockchain Testing Community” in the Netherlands, currently working as Managing Consultant for Capgemini.

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