The Power of Diversity in Cross-Functional Mob Programming

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I am part of a team that does full-time mob programming. The team consists of 12 people from various disciplines (including web, iOS, Android), but only a smaller group does mob programming. In the mob there are two backend developers, one frontend developer, one ops and one QA. We do just about everything together: picking up a story starts at the white board and ends with a push to production.

We draw out the functional and technical analysis and consider what is the best possible API to build for the client apps. In the backend we build and test together. For the mobile apps, we have mob testing sessions in which everyone goes through the feature and writes down the oddities on a white board. Working in this fashion makes standups, planning, retro etc almost superfluous. There is always one item in progress and everyone is working on it. Pretty simple right?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Mob programming is more than a theoretical approach you read about on blogs. Some people actually do it and it works.
  2. Ask yourself how agile your team really is.
  3. Maybe you are triggered to start your own mob?


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  • Speaker

  • Cindy Duflot - QA Developer, DPG Media, Belgium

    I am a QA Engineer at DPG Media, one of Belgium’s biggest media companies where I am part of the “video area”. Within this area we build different video streaming platforms. I have a broad interest in testing and development and am especially fascinated by finding the best testing strategy for a specific context. The question of what exactly is the right amount of testing intrigues me. I am convinced of the power of cross functional collaboration and coincidently that is something that is highly valued within my company.

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