Walk a Mile in Your Users’ Boots

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Is meeting the high expectations of your users part of your job description? Our users, the armed forces, work dangerous jobs in extreme conditions – lousy weather, bad communications infrastructure, unreliable power supply and a high level of stress where they must make critical decisions under pressure constantly. We make software to provide them with vital information and aid them in their decision making. To be successful, we must not only overcome the technical challenges, but more importantly gain the acceptance of our users.

From our humble beginnings, the team has grown from a project of about 30 people developing a product to a business unit with around 200 people supporting the entire product life cycle – from development to implementation, training and support.

I will explain how the lessons learned from the early struggles are part of our success today: how we have created a culture of solving the users’ problems. How the culture affects staffing, training, team building and daily work – from product management to development, testing, delivery and support.

I will support the story with examples from our users’ world and explain how they affect the decisions we make regarding what and how to test – and how questions about quality and quality attributes are sometimes more easily answered through the user’s perspective.

Mostly, I want to share my passion for solving the users’ problems – and show how you can channel that passion to become a better and more motivated tester.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Building a culture that focuses on solving the users’ problems
  2. Applying knowledge of users to guide your testing
  3. Creating motivation through user focus


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    Jørgen Lund - Senior Test Manager, Systematic A/S, Denmark

    After graduating with a master’s degree in Computer Science, I found my way into testing. Over the past 12 years, I have been part of building, testing, training, deploying and supporting software for our users – and I have used all of the knowledge gathered to become a better tester. Today, I work as a Senior Test Manager where I coach other Test Managers and Testers, implement strategic initiatives and train new employees in testing.

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