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Everything you want to know but were afraid to ask about the Team STAR award

  • 01/07/2011
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We, the TeamSTAR winners of EclipseIT 2010, were asked to give you the ingredients for a successful application for the Team Star Award. And of course we are willing to give them.

Here they come:

A complete supporting crew: cameramen, sound and light technicians
A script writer
Professional director and an art (!) director
3 months of preparation and rehearsals
5 days of shooting
10 days of editing
Digital story board
A lot of money to pay all those expensive people
Professionals actors
Composer for the film music and musicians
Location e.g. a studio
Catering for all those people

Is this the complete truth? Ok let’s get honest with you:

What is a TeamSTAR movie really about? It is all about being a team and acting like it. Create a team with different personalities (I don’t want to think about a team with four of the same persons like me….and different really means different; creative people, good actors but most of all team players who are the engine of the team, they will arrange everything you need.)

After composing a team start off with a brainstorm session:. Give them a drink and a pizza and the creative people will start to associate all over the place. The organizers will structure their ideas. In our case we decided to use the plot of a Dutch commercial. In this commercial in the beginning something goes wrong but it seems to be solved in the end and then…..something else really goes wrong. If you want to see some examples of these commercials ( really funny), use the link and compare it to our movie. Of course you can use a lot of other examples, but always think about the strategy, why is it funny or catching?

After your brainstorm session you come up with a plot. Write your ideas on a storyboard and see what you need. Grab your camera, some props and just do it: shoot your film.

We did it in one evening, and we had a lot of fun (and pizza). In close cooperation we all handled the camera, did some acting or adjusted the props on the spot. If the storyboard wasn’t complete on some points, we just improvised. It was like Hollywood that evening at the office of Eclipse IT (We were disappointed that we didn’t get a nomination for an Oscar).

After the shoot, the editing is important so we arranged “someone” to do the editing for us. The brother of Nicolle really did a terrific job.

After sending the clip to EuroSTAR and we received our nomination we let the world vote for us. This is simple these days, using all kind of social media and we ‘spammed’ all our families, friends and Dutch test colleagues. Fortunately our network was big enough to get enough votes to become the TeamSTAR winner 2010 and how proud we were (and still are)!

So, In short the main ingredients for a Team STAR award: a team that consists of a mix of characters of enthusiastic people and an excellent editor. These people share the same goal: having fun in making a good product. But aren’t these the same ingredients to be successful in your (test) project?

If you think you have some or all of these ingredients, why not enter TeamSTAR and bring your team to the next level!

Ard, Joep, Bas en Nicolle

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