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An Excerpt From: The Art of Application Performance Testing

  • 01/09/2011
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The following is an excerpt from our latest eBook “The Art of Application Performance Testing” by Ian Molyneax.

What is performance? Why carry out performance testing in the first place? Here I also strive to provide a definition of when an application is considered performant and when it is considered non-performant, and then discuss some of the common causes of a less than perfect end user experience.

Non-performant (i.e., badly performing) applications generally don’t deliver their intended benefit to the organization. That is, they create a net cost of time, money, and loss of kudos from the application users, and therefore can’t be considered reliable assets. If an application is not delivering to the business, its continued existence is definitely on shaky ground, not to mention that of the architects, designers, coders, and testers (hopefully there were some!).

Performance testing is a neglected cousin of functional and regression testing, which are well understood in most businesses and where the maturity level is high in many organizations. Curiously, executives lack an appreciation of the importance of performance testing. This has changed very slowly over the past ten years, despite the best efforts of consultants like myself and the many highly publicized failures of key software applications.

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