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We’re excited about Test Lab

  • 26/08/2011
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Red Gate’s ethos has always been to create ingeniously simple software in an enjoyable atmosphere. We’ll get that done by having the opportunities and resources to do the best work of our lives. Which is where TestLab comes in – it’s one of these opportunities, and Reka and I can’t wait.

We have a very strong testing team here, and it’s been assembled from people with a myriad of backgrounds. There’s a whole range from fresh graduates with Chemistry degrees to career testers with years of experience. The thing we’ve got in common is that we all believe testing is fun, and we are passionate about breaking things

…oh and then working with developers to fix them again of course.

Part of the reason we  have this strong test team is we believe in constantly evolving and trying to improve ourselves. In part that comes from exposure to new techniques, approaches, tools and technologies.   But that variety within the team is a big strength too, as we all approach problems differently and learn from each other.  We can all learn to apply new techniques but sometimes we need reminding about the other ways people do things; a collaborative approach of is always going to help expose you things you might otherwise have missed. Then next time you will have a new weapon in your arsenal.

Here’s an example:  Recently I worked with a colleague who runs their machine with a high DPI which exposes layout issues like forms being too small for the controls they contain, buttons overlapping each other to the point where you cannot see them or text going outside the bounds it is meant to be displayed within.  This occurred as developers had not considered DPI is a variable setting configurable by the user (if you want to change it for yourself, the setting can be found in the Display dialog in the Windows Control Panel).  Taking this technique back to the product I was working on myself demonstrated it wasn’t just one product that suffered from this affliction.

Testlab at Eurostar is an opportunity to see this collaborative approach writ large. We can impart our knowledge, of course,  but we’ll  also meet people taking part and learn things from them as well.

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