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US Offices: 1710 S. Amphlett Blvd Suite 200 San Mateo CA 94402 USA

T: +1-800-650-3123 E: [email protected]


At Applitools, we’re on a mission to help test automation, DevOps, and software engineering teams release mobile and web apps that are visually perfect. We are a dynamic startup that provides the only commercial-grade, visual AI-based test cloud that validates application user interfaces in a fully automated manner. We are dedicated to helping companies quickly craft software that delights their customers.

We launched in 2015 and currently have over 300 paying customers around the globe, including Fortune-100 companies in software, banking, retail, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. Our service runs on a groundbreaking and creative image processing stack that we developed from scratch in-house.

Applitools offices are located around the world, with HQ in San Mateo CA USA and R&D centre in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

For more information and a free account, please visit our website: https://applitools.com/

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[email protected]

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