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BBST (EuroSTAR Supporter Sponsor)


34 Traian Street, 5th Floor Cluj-Napoca 400046 Romania

T: +40 371 426 297 E: contact@bbst.courses


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We are growing the testing community and changing the mindset on testing through relevant and up-to-date education. We promote a context-driven approach to testing that will improve both the way testers are regarding their work and the way others understand a tester’s value in a project.

We organize the Black Box Software Testing courses, continuing the work of Cem Kaner with updates, improvements, and new content. These are, in our opinion, the most extensive and scientifically based software testing courses, a key to developing advanced skills.

The depth and relevance of the learning experience, coupled with the individual feedback each student receives, offers an unequaled level of progress. The BBST® courses are recommended for every IT enthusiast embarking on a software testing career.

All courses offer:

  • Flexibility – fully accessible online material where you can adapt the course work to your own schedule.
  • Experienced instructors – learn from software testers with a strong testing background.
  • Individual feedback – Receive feedback on your assignments from your peers and instructors.
  • Interactive grading –  Participate in the grading of your final exam, getting helpful feedback directly from the instructor.
  • Learning through practice – based on practical assignments reflecting real issues faced by testers.
  • Certification – Successfully graduating a course will change the way you understand testing and will earn you a certificate to prove it.

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