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Brightest is an (Belgian based) IT consultancy company specialized in software quality with an in-dept knowledge of software testing. With a dedicated team of top-notch software testing professionals, we aim high at creating innovative services and solutions to enable our clients to realize their quality objectives.

The company was founded in 2016 based on the idea that delivering qualitative software is a complex and continuous process that needs specialized focus. Today we have grown to a scale-up with nearly +-70 consultants servicing a pool of +-50 clients located all over Belgium in various industries.

We have a specific focus on our human capital which is one of our key differentiators. We strongly believe that healthy, happy and committed people will perform better. That’s why we invest in our people’s professional and personal growth by providing them a wide range of free mentoring services both physically as mentally.

Next to that we also focus on innovation by continuously investing in new solutions, tools & trainings. In that way we make sure our consultants are up to date with leading tools and best practices in the market, so they can provide a tailored solution to our customer’s needs with respect for their budget. Additionally, it gives us the opportunity to share this knowledge with our customers in the form of trainings. Our mission is to be known as a software quality knowledge centre where people can be educated from a junior test engineer towards a senior manager or technical expert.

Choosing Brightest as your partner means granting yourself total peace of mind concerning software quality (looking at overall quality assurance, taking a holistic view) & software testing (one of the means to get there).