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As application data gets scattered across many systems and platforms, often with little or non-existing documentation, Test Data Management becomes quite a challenge for most organizations. Also, finding Test Data might require expert help, and once found and used, it many times gets overwritten or manipulated, resulting in Test Data conflicts. On top of this, laws and regulations require that the Test Data is anonymized before use.

When these challenges are not addressed, the result is that quality objectives are not met and the cost of Quality Assurance increases. Moreover, the risk for non-compliance with laws and regulations becomes all the greater.

Easit Test Engine, combined with our Test Data Framework, provides both a solution for the challenges, and for regulatory compliance, with up to 35% savings.

In addition, our Test Data Management Suite greatly simplifies the daily life of the average Test Data consumer in various areas such as understanding, finding, analyzing, reserving, browsing, modifying, exporting and importing Test Data in relation to all kinds of Test Cases.

With the powerful Data Masking module, analyzes of the need for data masking is easily performed and sensitive data is masked, of course retaining all relationships across multiple databases, regardless of solution or design.

Test Data Management – Revised, Refined and Redefined!

Robert Karlsson, Product Manager – [email protected]

Phone: +46 70-663 40 40

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