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HP Software (Platinum Sponsor)

HP Software – the worldwide leader in quality and test management – provides software solutions expressly designed to help you build on your investment in quality assurance and testing while embracing the new style of IT. These solutions underline HP’s commitment to the importance of quality and performance testing, and demonstrate how HP is delivering innovations needed to assure QA and testing success in the brave new world of Agile delivery, cloud and mobility.

HP ALM products increase your speed and quality of delivery through improved automation, more capabilities for mobile devices and enabling of better organizational visibility and collaboration. As thousands of mobile apps are released every day, businesses world-wide are being driven to demand constant technology improvements to power competitiveness, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve financial objectives. And, today’s users are no longer willing to wait for the “next release.”

Application teams are pushed for speed to deliver applications to an ever impatient and empowered business user while also maintaining and modernizing existing applications. Yet while speed is important, quality is impacting the bottom line as never before. This is the new imperative for IT: Achieve velocity and quality. HP’s suite of Complete Application Lifecycle Management solutions are designed to allow your team to take control of the application lifecycle, while investing your limited resources in the highest priorities and increasing velocity of delivery, without sacrificing quality or performance.
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