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JAutomate is a new generation GUI test automation tool
Platform independent
Developed only with Java, the tool makes it possible to run scripts on all platforms using Java runtime. You can make a script on a PC and copy the entire folder to a Mac or Linux and just run it there without installing anything.
It’s very easy to get going and for everyone to understand the scripts but all the advanced features are there when you need them.
Independent of underlying technology
For the first time you don’t have to worry about what application you are testing and how it’s made! JAutomate doesn’t care about underlying code, it sees only pixels on the screen the same way you do! This also means that you can create testing suites that moves seamlessly over different applications, even really old ones!
Not just testing
The technology makes it possible to automate other computer based tasks as well, not only testing. Boring monotone work, like copy-paste or monthly tasks that require you to keep a crib sheet.
Manual or total automation
The tool is developed to support both manual and automated testing but also everything in between. The best automation projects consist of the right amount of automation – the most cost efficient. You can for example create your manual suite story and then automate each step as you think it becomes stabile.