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Super-fast test automation, designed for the tester and at a revolutionary price.

The increasing need for velocity in software development demands faster testing processes and test automation is the answer. But automation tools are complex to use, they are fragile, building cases takes days and months, and requires programming - and testers are not programmers.

We built a tool designed for the tester to keep up with demand and really make a difference. Leaptest is a revolutionary paradigm of test automation that is:
• Codeless based on image and text recognition enabling building test cases at a much faster pace
• Intuitive and recognizable workflow layout that is easy to use and that anybody can understand at a glance.
• Agile and less restricted as Leaptest captures anything on screen regardless of the applications’ programming language.
• Super-fast more than 10 times faster to build and maintain test cases than in any other automation tool

Leaptest is designed to fit the needs of a tester and can be used by anyone from tester, developer, business analyst even product owner to use, monitor and take advantage of test automation - making the entire team more productive and achieve their greatest potential.

At EuroStar in Copenhagen we will learn you the basics in just 10 minutes of how to build test cases in just 3 minutes.

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