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Neotys publishes NeoLoad, a software solution for load and performance testing Web and Mobile applications. NeoLoad is powerful yet easy to learn and use. Its advanced features and scalability enable testers and test teams to design and run realistic and complex test scenarios and campaigns, while monitoring the application and its infrastructure behaviour in real time. NeoLoad’s exclusive capabilities, i.e. automatic handling of application parameters, preconfigured monitoring and thresholds, and quick comparisons of different tests, allow tests to be run quickly, efficiently and more frequently than ever before. Load testing an application ensures it will function correctly once it’s in production to eliminate the risks and costs of poor performance and service interruptions. Internet, intranet or mobile applications can now be deployed with confidence. NeoLoad also integrates load generation from the cloud, offers new features and extends our support of even more of the latest web and mobile technologies. In addition to SPDY, HTML5, Adobe FLEX and RTMP, AJAX Push, GWT, Silverlight, NeoLoad supports Oracle Forms, Siebel and monitoring for VMware and adds new support capabilities for mobile and Video as well.