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Neotys (HQ) 389 av. du château de Jouques, 13420 Gemenos, France

T: +33 442 180 830 E: [email protected]

Neotys: Simply powerful load and performance testing. Neotys develops NeoLoad, a load testing software solution designed for web and mobile applications to realistically simulate user activity and monitor infrastructure behaviour. NeoLoad’s exclusive technology allows performance engineers to perform web and mobile testing more quickly, efficiently, and frequently, so they can immediately identify bottlenecks or issues and quickly get to root cause. We make it easy for our clients to assess the performance and reliability of their apps to ensure they meet business and user experience expectations.

Organisations around the globe have selected NeoLoad to test their applications because:

  • NeoLoad is fast and automated. The scriptless GUI-based design enables our clients to test 30-50% faster
  • NeoLoad supports the latest web and mobile application technologies
  • NeoLoad provides unmatched test realism event for complex application behaviours
  • NeoLoad provides a single solution for in-house and cloud tests with on-demand cloud infrastructure fully integrated with multiple cloud providers and geographies
  • NeoLoad has a lower Total Cost of Ownership to let our clients get better results from fewer resources

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