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Praegus specializes in testing and (process)optimization. Praegus is ‘the’ knowledge center for testing, from websites and mobile apps to complex back-end systems and chains. Praegus is expert in test automation and ‘technical testing’, including key points such as performance testing and security testing.

In addition to consultancy, Praegus also offers guidance through coaching, training and workshops with its own Praegus Academy.

In addition, Praegus Solutions develops and offers services and automated solutions, such as Artificial Intelligence, Security Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Tool Selection Matrix, its own Open Source Toolchain and complete unburdening through the Test Subscription. Praegus is tool independent!

Praegus starts from the idea that after Praegus’ s help the client must be able to control the process and the risks themselves. This is why collaboration, knowledge sharing and securing are highly valuated at Praegus. The Praegus consultants present on both national and international stages and through the Praegus Academy they provide standardized and customized training.

Praegus guides its clients from A to Z to successful and efficient implementation of test strategy, policy and test automation within their IT organization.

Praegus strives for the ultimate collaboration with both its customers and its employees and partners, in order to provide and guarantee test service at the highest possible level. Praegus not only stands for quality, it is quality. This quality is guaranteed in the people. These people are the capital and strength of Praegus. And care for every Praegustator!

For more information about Praegus, visit www.praegus.nl

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