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progile GmbH Riedwiesentrasse 23 CH-8305 Dietlikon Switzerland

T: +41 44 888 52 28 E: [email protected]


Automated Testing. Done.

Progile is a software development company in Switzerland specialized in providing high quality services and products that allow you to increase your software quality without upfront investments or expensive consulting or training.
With our background on highly regulated markets like medical device development we believe that increasing software quality has direct impact on our health and safety. Because complete, quick and high-quality regression testing is a main pillar to achieve this goal, we introduce to you TestResults.io
TestResults.io brings you automated testing as a service. No new tools, no new trainings, no new experts, no changes in your software, no upfront investment.
100% regression testing of your solution, overnight, fully black-boxed, without human interaction and integrated into your development process.
Is this for you?
If you develop new or maintain existing software, we provide you regression and stability testing. If you administrate software and need to guarantee performance or availability, we provide performance, load and availability testing. In general: If you deal with software quality, TestResults.io is for you.
Maybe you simply do not want to argue with regulatory bodies about the impact assessment of your next release? TestResults.io is for you!

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