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PureLoad Software offers tools for test of IP based server applications. Tests can be made from unit- and protocol-test level through functional tests up to high level performance and characteristics test.

Our tools PureTest and PureLoad are built with focus on usability and easiness for testers.
Test cases are built through a GUI with no programming needed. This makes it easy, fast, and efficient to create test cases.

Of course testing can be automated and test cases inherited between phases.
Our tools PureTest and PureLoad are intended for test of IPv4 and IPv6 applications using HTTP, HTTPS, Asynchronous HTTP, Telnet, SSH, FTP, LDAP, JDBC, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, NNTP, IP Pooling, Radius, Diameter, RTP/RTSP, SIP, Echo, Ping, DNS, TCP and UDP. We also offer SOAP/REST support.

A mix of the protocols can be used to build realistic test scenarios.

If special protocols or adaptions are needed our open API can be used to build functions that will be seamlessly integrated with existing functionality.

There is advanced support for simulating mobile devices using a range of network connections.

We offer a range of services for supporting performance test, from design and implementation of performance test environments to design and execution of tests.
We have proudly been working on our tools since 1998 and have our head office in Stockholm, Sweden and a branch office in Dallas, USA.