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Barbara Strozzilaan 201 1083 HN Amsterdam The Netherlands

T: +316 50 123 919 E: [email protected]


Qualibrate: A revolutionary 3-in-1 cloud solution for SAP and Web applications
Qualibrate accelerates software delivery by optimizing automated testing, manual testing, documentation and training. Our solutions revolve around simplifying the customer’s experience around:

1. Accelerated Testing. Ensure the right level or quality is never compromised. Qualibrate offers the ultimate test automation solutions, as well as supports accelerated manual testing.
2. Lean Process Documentation. Qualibrate provides business process documentation that is lean, relevant and simple to create yet easy to maintain.
3. Virtual Training, Collaboration and Reporting. With the Qualibrate virtual trainer you can easily create interactive trainings. Screen simulation, business data and team conversations ensure new users hit the ground running.

Our vision
IT teams around the world are eager to become more agile to keep up with the high speed of delivery. A culture shift is happening on how to handle business strategic portfolios, and the Agile/DevOps transformation is now a reality to make that happen.
Qualibrate vision is to embrace this new transformation. It delivers value on centralized collaboration work spaces using business processes documentation as the common language. IT Services delivery can now become more efficient and still assure that high-quality is never compromised.

The team
At Qualibrate we are an International team of experts in the fields of Technology Consulting, Data Science, Software Engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning and Software Quality. Our aim is to provide solutions that reduce the complexity of large IT projects and help teams to create more value with less effort.

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