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TestHuset A/S is a Danish owned company specializing in quality assurance of software.

The company was established by CEO Allan Tange in 2005, and has delivered growth every year.
It has been given 4 Gazelle growth prices and an EMEA Fast500 international growth price from Deloitte.

TestHuset A/S has 75+ employees working out of two offices in Denmark, in Ballerup and Aarhus. Our goal is to help companies create added value by increasing the quality of their it solutions. Based on the individual customer, we assist in infusing quality into the organization and help our customers measure progress, quality, efficiency and innovation.

TestHuset focuses on being innovative within QA, meaning our certified consultants can increase the quality of our client’s solutions through our services, education and consulting.

At TestHuset, we have a large collegial community with a value set we live every day:
• Professional pride
• Innovation
• The well-being of our employees

TestHuset A/S has achieved the AAA credit rating.

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