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Testify AS

Testify AS, Software Engineering Company https://testify.no/

C/O Simula Research Laboratory Martin Linges vei 25 1364 Fornebu Norway

E: [email protected]


Testify is a spinout consulting company from Simula Research Laboratories in Norway. With our background from applied software engineering research, more than half of our consultants hold a PhD in software engineering and testing. Our mission is to help our customers in delivering better products and services through more efficient, timely and cost-effective testing. To achieve this, having appropriate and maintainable test automation at all levels of testing is essential. Testify has a unique track record in tailoring and implementing novel, cost-effective test automation processes, methods and tools, including methodology and tools for end-to-end system integration testing, large-volume and representative test data generation with DSL and ML techniques, high-coverage technical testing of services and components, mock-based testing, BDD, automated testing infrastructure, build and release pipelines, and much more.

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ecFeed by Testify: ecFeed is our open source, state-of-the-art cloud-based testing tool. Through the specification of simple models of the system under test, ecFeed supports better understanding of system requirements and testing needs, as well as more efficient teamwork among testers and developers. Harnessing extensive cloud-based computing resources and sophisticated algorithms, ecFeed delivers automated test case and test data generation with exceptional coverage and high maintainability at low cost. The dynamically generated tests can easily be integrated with most programming languages and testing environments.

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