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TestingXperts 84 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London W13 8RA United Kingdom

T: Sahil Baquer +44 (0) 208 799 2804 or +44 (0) 787 063 4402


TestingXperts (Tx) is a Specialist QA & Software Testing Services provider headquartered in London with test labs across UK, Netherlands, USA, and India. TestingXperts’ comprehensive suite of testing services covers Test Advisory, Functional and Non-Functional testing specializing in Automation, Digital, DevOps, Agile, Web, Mobility, IOT and Big Data to name a few.
Tx, as a frontrunner in adopting the agile methodologies and DevOps practices, has expertise on industry leading test automation tool, Agile development tools and CI/CD tools providing lifecycle automation. Promoting quality at speed, TestingXperts’ intelligent continuous testing platform ‘Tx-Automate’ helps in automating tests, achieving timely delivery schedules, and strengthening the agile process. With proven execution experience and end-to-end service portfolio, Tx addresses challenges in the areas of functionality, performance, security, usability, and cross-device compatibility across the entire technology landscape. With decades of experience in delivering complex testing programs, Tx brings unmatched execution and operational capabilities and helps client scale rapidly to meet business needs.
With its in-house testing solutions, global pool of skilled testers, specialist testing approach and global delivery model, TestingXperts is helping its clients transform their QA function to dramatically reduce production defects, reduce QA cycle times up to 80% and lower overall QA costs up to 60%. Tx partners with leading organizations ranging from start-ups to large enterprises across various industries globally to deliver ‘ready for business’ systems. www.testingxperts.com/

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