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TestNet is a flourishing association of professional testers with almost 2000 members. If you are actively involved in the testing profession in the Netherlands, TestNet is THE association for you!
TestNet is a networking organization run by volunteering members. TestNet offers the members the possibility to keep in touch besides the regular working sphere to exchange knowledge and experience about the testing profession. The initiative to start a community for testers evolved from the 1996 EuroSTAR conference. TestNet was officially founded on 15 May 1997.

Every month TestNet organizes theme-evenings about specific testing topics. In spring and autumn we organize a large one-day conference, with over 600 visitors these conferences are the largest local testing conferences in the Netherlands. The website www.testnet.org supplies a wealth of testing knowledge, news items, blogs, and up-to-date information about the upcoming events.

The membership fee is 85 euro per year, this includes free access to all events (including food and drinks).

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