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Testuff – Saas Test Management Tool (Online Sponsor)

Testuff is an on-demand test management tool for software testing. It includes test management, test planning, test execution, defect tracking, requirements management module, reporting, extensive-two-ways testing tools integration and much more.
Over 5 years of operations, over 55 on-time monthly new versions, millions of tests in our worldwide 8 data centers and a great clients community.
Some of the highlights:
Fully Featured with a Great GUI Testuff UI puts an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use. Testers can get fully working within a few hours. Learning curve is surprisingly short, in spite of the rich and fully-featured solution.
Bug tracker integration Defects opened in Testuff are automatically exported to your bug tracker of choice. The integration includes support for your tracker’s custom fields, and its setup is only a few clicks work. Testuff integrates nicely with other tools such as requirements management tools, automation testing tools and others.
Test/bug video recording Testuff includes a built-in video recorder for test sessions. Bug videos are automatically attached to bug reports and help capture hard to reproduce bugs. Video files are stored on the secure Testuff servers in a highly compressed format.
Hosted service Testuff is an on-demand service. As a SaaS solution it enables you to save time and money, letting us do what we know, and allowing you to focus on your testing projects, rather than on tools installations, training, maintenance, etc.