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The most committed engineering & IT consultants
Through the most committed engineering & IT consultants we develop and deliver expertise for world-leading companies primarily within sectors as energy, telecom, industry and automotive. We are a part of the Alten Group, one of Europe’s largest technology and IT consultancy companies with 16.000 employees and a turnover of 1198 €M in 2012. Alten is currently represented in 16 countries and is based in Paris.
We offer qualified services in Test & Quality Assurance, Test Management and Training. Our consultants work in all phases of the development cycle and with many different development models and processes. The majority of our consultants are Scrum-masters, ISTQB certified and many are certified LabVIEW developers.
Xdin develop test systems and environments in order to simulate the surrounding environment and to automate the testing procedure. We commit ourselves to the improvement and further development of customers’ existing systems and educate the customer concerning the management of the systems. Through our expertise and experience we even have the possibility to offer complete solutions at a pre-determined price.
We are an alliance partner with National Instruments and LabVIEW, C, C#, C++, perl, python and TestStand are some examples of tools that we use. We know our mathematics, instrument control and are experts in RF technology.
Xdin’s training courses are well-known to our Nordic customers. We are a certified ISTQB Platinum Partner and offer courses at both foundation and advanced level. Besides the ISTQB courses we offer highly respected courses in Agile Testing and Management.