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Judging Process:

An expert panel/committee will review each case study and assess it subject to the criteria listed below. The panel will choose the winning case study  who will go on to present this at EuroSTAR 2016 with their customer

Criteria (not in order of importance):

  1. The importance of the problem and its relationship to software testing
  2. The accuracy of the detail and the factual content within the entry
  3. The decisions and evaluations made
  4. Presentation of the case (i.e. organisation of case, clarity, sufficiency of data, language, structure, accuracy)
  5. The absence of bias
  6. Clear learnings


The decision of the judging panel is final. This competition is open to sponsors and exhibitors of EuroSTAR 2016 signed up before September 2nd. The closing date for receipt of applications is September 16th. Winners will be notified on September 30th. Customers must participate in the presentation of the case study at EuroSTAR 2016.
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