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This year the EuroSTAR team are delighted to have the Real Customer Case Studies return with a successful launch in 2016 along with our Sponsor Experitest. Experitests customer Vodafone took to the stage with a great presentation and an interactive Q&A afterwards with Experitest lending a hand to answer the questions.  Now we want to hear your customers story on how your company has helped them to grow their business – this is your chance to show attendees at EuroSTAR 2017 how your company has made a difference as told by your customer.

What Are The Real Customer Case Studies?

Exhibitors and Sponsors at the 2017 EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference are invited to submit a customer-focused case study with the best submission to feature on this year’s conference programme. We’re looking for really honest and compelling customer stories that will help explain how you go about helping your customers overcome a significant commercial challenge, as told by them!

How To Enter:

This competition is only open to EuroSTAR Exhibitors.

Not an exhibitor? Contact [email protected] for details on our Exhibitor Packages.

The case study should detail the challenge your customer faced, your company’s approach to solving the problem and the outcome.

We will share case study submissions on our website and we will promote them through the EuroSTAR social media channels.

Guidelines On Submitting:

  • Be specific: Address one main customer pain point – don’t try to cover too much in one case study
  • Be descriptive: Use a title that addresses the solution rather than a generic title like “EuroSTAR Case Study”
  • Be transparent: Include real metrics and share what the status of the challenge is today
  • Be truthful: Share all the roadblocks you encountered along the way
  • Be collaborative: The case study requires your customer’s permission and active participation – make sure you have commitment on both before submitting
  • Be real: The case study is not a tender, please stick to explaining the story of your experience.
  • Avoid unnecessary details: Don’t overdo explanations of procedures, policies or frameworks used. If necessary to include please include as an Appendix.


This competition is open to sponsors and exhibitors of EuroSTAR 2017  signed up before September 1st. The closing date for receipt of applications is September 15th. Winners will be notified on September 29th. Please note that customers must participate in the presentation of the case study at EuroSTAR 2017.


For details on the Real Customer Case Studies contact [email protected] 

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