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Europe’s #1 Software Testing Event for 25 years

For over 25 years, the EuroSTAR Conference has offered an unrivalled mixture of knowledge sharing and networking over 4 days. The exhibition at the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference has grown to become the largest software testing exhibition in Europe, so, if your company wants to reach the right people, the decision makers, YOUR FUTURE CUSTOMERS, then look no further than EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference each November.

  • Exhibitor: Matthias Rasking, Principal Director- Accenture

    Accenture is proud to again be a platinum partner of EuroSTAR. It really is Europe’s premier testing event; nowhere else can you find this many critical thought leaders who love to challenge your ideas. At Accenture, we aim at pushing the frontiers of quality engineering and enabling our clients to rotate to the new. EuroSTAR is a unique place to share and evaluate these ideas, therefore we are looking forward to once again present the award for innovations in New IT testing at EuroSTAR 2018. In 2017, we discussed the current state of diversity in the testing industry and which measures we think are helping. Let’s work together to be able to celebrate our achievements towards the goal of more diversity in our industry when we get together again next year!
  • Exhibitor: Chantal Wauters, Marketing & Field Manager EMEA- Parasoft

    Not only does EuroSTAR have a nice vibe, it also gives the opportunity to network, learn from others and gain new contacts! We (as always) enjoyed ourselves. Definitely a conference to recommend attending.
  • Exhibitor: Alfonso Nocella, Technical Marketing & Business Development- Maveryx

    This was our first experience at the EuroSTAR as exhibitors and we were very happy to meet a very positive response from many possible partners and customers. It was a great opportunity to expand our network with a lot of test professionals interested in automation and to see where the market is going.
  • Exhibitor: Stephan Ingerberg, Director Sales & Partnership - aqua

    We are very proud to have attended such an international event. EuroSTAR enabled us to push beyond our German-speaking borders and gave us access to connections that would otherwise be unlikely. We are looking forward to next year’s conference.
  • Exhibitor: Nina Schäfer, Marketing Event Manager- Saucelabs

    EuroSTAR allows you to build a relationship with customers that cannot be got from emailing and calling.
  • Exhibitor: Rasa Bonyadlou, Test Engineering Manager- Accenture

    EuroSTAR is a very open environment to share ideas, network and it is easy to talk with test professionals.
  • Exhibitor: Milan Verma, Senior Technical Consultant- Zephyr

    The attendees have been perfect for us. Zephyr for Jira has been of interest to many of the smaller teams and the larger organisations have been perfect for Zephyr Enterprise which is a solution outside the Jira environment.
  • Exhibitor: Charlie Harrisson, Marketing Consultant- Adaptavist

    95% of people who come to our stand use Jira, so that's perfect for us. Attendees are really approachable and it's very easy to start conversations with people.
  • Exhibitor: Laurent Py, Product Manager- Hiptest

    As a sponsor of EuroSTAR, we are very happy with the leads we have got and the discussion around testing in the devops environment. EuroSTAR is very insightful and allows for open discussions with attendees.
  • Exhibitor: Ori Bendet, Inbound Product Manager- Micro Focus

    I have been to a lot of conferences and I have to say EuroSTAR is one of the best conferences to meet professional testers and make a relationship with them.
  • Exhibitor: Ciara McDonnell, Marketing Manager EMEA- SmartBear Software

    EuroSTAR attendees are really engaged and vary from API back-end to UI front-end testing and they are looking for tools that work together to solve problems that their testing teams face everyday.
  • Exhibitor: Mona Juneja, Business Manager- Testing Xperts

    This is the first time that we exhibited at EuroSTAR. We received a very positive response from the delegates. It is a great way to network with delegates and exhibitors.
  • Exhibitor: Philipp Allmer, Sales Manager- Ranorex

    The EuroSTAR Expo is a great opportunity to meet fellow exhibitors as well as potential customers face to face and get to know the customers needs.
  • Exhibitor: Marcel Schwarzmeier, Product Manager- ISQI

    EuroSTAR is a great conference to meet new and existing partners and customers. It is great to talk with people interested in certification in different areas.
  • Exhibitor: Serge Lazimi, Product Manager- Panaya

    I cannot count anymore of the leads that we have gotten.
  • Exhibitor: Nick Welter, Marketing Manager- Smartbear Software

    EuroSTAR is the top testing conference in all of Europe, if we were to only go to one show in all of Europe to get involved in the testing community, this is it.
  • Exhibitor: Alistair Robertson, Sales Development EMEA- Panaya

    EuroSTAR has a lot of really enthusiastic and friendly attendees who are willing to share knowledge. You can see where the market is going in the future.
  • Exhibitor: Remco Kwinkelenberg- Tricentis

    EuroSTAR has provided an excellent platform to meet new prospects, existing customers and partners and potential partners- so it went really well for us! I recommend everyone to attend!
  • Exhibitor: Mike Howse- Apica

    EuroSTAR has been a very good experience for Apica. We have met many interesting coming customers and good partners and we have made many many contacts.
  • Exhibitor: Vijay Balasubramaniam- ITC Infotech

    EuroSTAR is one of the best professional testing conferences in the world. It's a great place to meet gurus in testing and learn a lot stuff and build relationships with professional testers - it's a really great place
  • Exhibitor: Stephen Goericke- ISQI

    EuroSTAR is always a big experience and for us as a service provider here in the Netherlands region there was no question to come again after our first time and it has been a success story for us again. ; EuroSTAR is one of the main topics in our schedule for the year, we are meeting clients & colleagues. For me it's good to get a feeling for tendencies for next year, for forecasting the market so we have the experts here, the test managers and we're getting feedback from them and getting a feeling for next year.
  • Exhibitor: Olle Alvemark- JAutomate

    We had a great conference . We met tonnes of new potential customers - big and small customers so we really enjoyed it
  • Exhibitor: Daniel Levy- Progress Telerik

    We've had a good time and there's been steady traffic to the booth, a lot of interest in the products. We've got a lot to show people and there's a lot of interest, a lot of cool giveaways including an ipad mini so a lot of excitement in our booth and we're really excited to be here this year. ; It features well in our marketing plan, obviously we're looking to build our presence in Europe and a show like this bringing this number of people from the European community to one location is definitely a big win for us.
  • Exhibitor: Ravi Seshadhri- Wipro Technologies

    I've been here the last 4 years, I was with another company before but what I still continue to do is EuroSTAR. A couple of things I can really highlight is it has great networking opportunities not just with customers but with other vendors and service providers so you have the best in class people come and talk about what they do and what they actually do best and it gives an insight into where the market is going. ; We got some good leads and prospects ; This is giving us a very good platform to showcase our solution.
  • Exhibitor: Francis Miers- Testwave

    EuroSTAR has been very positive experience, a lot of interest in the stand. We've brought a product to the attention of the testing community that we believe there is a lot of demand for. ; EuroSTAR is clearly one of the leading testing conferences in Europe if not THE leading testing conference in Europe so it's an important part of any testing related product to have a presence here and make it part of their marketing strategy.

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