Europe’s #1 Software Testing Event for 24 years

For over 24 years, the EuroSTAR Conference has offered an unrivalled mixture of knowledge sharing and networking over 4 days. The exhibition at the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference has grown to become the largest software testing exhibition in Europe, so, if your company wants to reach the right people, the decision makers, YOUR FUTURE CUSTOMERS, then look no further than EuroSTAR Conference 2017 which takes place in Bella Center Copenhagen from 6th November 2017.

  • Exhibitor: Stephen Goericke, ISQI

    "EuroSTAR is always a big experience and for us as a service provider here in the Netherlands region there was no question to come again after our first time and it has been a success story for us again. ; EuroSTAR is one of the main topics in our schedule for the year, we are meeting clients & colleagues. For me it's good to get a feeling for tendencies for next year, for forecasting the market so we have the experts here, the test managers and we're getting feedback from them and getting a feeling for next year."
  • Exhibitor: Olle Alvemark, JAutomate

    We had a great conference . We met tonnes of new potential customers - big and small customers so we really enjoyed it
  • Sponsor: Daniel Levy, Telerik

    "We've had a good time and there's been steady traffic to the booth, a lot of interest in the products. We've got a lot to show people and there's a lot of interest, a lot of cool giveaways including an ipad mini so a lot of excitement in our booth and we're really excited to be here this year. ; It features well in our marketing plan, obviously we're looking to build our presence in Europe and a show like this bringing this number of people from the European community to one location is definitely a big win for us."
  • Sponsor: Ravi Seshadhri, Wipro Technologies

    "I've been here the last 4 years, I was with another company before but what I still continue to do is EuroSTAR. A couple of things I can really highlight is it has great networking opportunities not just with customers but with other vendors and service providers so you have the best in class people come and talk about what they do and what they actually do best and it gives an insight into where the market is going. ; We got some good leads and prospects ; This is giving us a very good platform to showcase our solution."
  • Exhibitor: Francis Miers, Testwave

    "EuroSTAR has been very positive experience, a lot of interest in the stand. We've brought a product to the attention of the testing community that we believe there is a lot of demand for. ; EuroSTAR is clearly one of the leading testing conferences in Europe if not THE leading testing conference in Europe so it's an important part of any testing related product to have a presence here and make it part of their marketing strategy."
  • Exhibitor: Remco, Kwinkelenberg, Tricentis

    "EuroSTAR has provided an excellent platform to meet new prospects, existing customers and partners and potential partners- so it went really well for us! I recommend everyone to attend!
  • Exhibitor: Mike Howse, Apica

    EuroSTAR 2013 has been a very good experience for Apica. We have met many interesting coming customers and good partners and we have made many many contacts.
  • Exhibitor: Vijay Balasubramaniam, ITC Infotech

    EuroSTAR is one of the best professional testing conferences in the world. It's a great place to meet gurus in testing and learn a lot stuff and build relationships with professional testers - it's a really great place
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